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Whether you are seeking to rent out or you desire a separate living space for a member of the family, turning your basement into an apartment unit comes with several benefits. In addition to the possibility of extra rental income, or the advantages of having family under the same roof, the housing market places multi-family homes at a higher value – it’s an investment that will increase the value of your property should you ever intend to sell. If you are considering converting your basement into an apartment unit, here are some things you will have to do:

  • Make sure it’s legal. You will need to check local Salt Lake City and Utah state laws about remodeling a basement. You should be clear about the building and fire codes that apply to your area and type of home before attempting to start a Utah basement finishing project. You must also obtain a building permit.
  • Get help. If your basement has already been finished for basic livability, you may be able to get by with your own know-how and/or the help of friends or family that have the expertise. But if not, it is ideal that you find a general contractor. A properly licensed professional and experienced contractor will be able to manage the entire project or just the portion you need help with while providing valuable insights at every stage, from navigating city codes to what kind of flooring is best to put down.
  • Ensure safety of structure. The most important aspect of your Salt Lake basement finishing is probably making sure the structure itself is safe and inhabitable. If improvements are needed, you will have to do those first. Make sure the space meets fire code requirements; has proper ventilation; is free of mold; is waterproofed; has strong and stable ground, walls and ceiling; has the required number of windows, emergency exits, and entrances; has the required ceiling height; has properly installed plumbing and electrical fixtures as are required and as will be needed for refrigerator, toilet, sinks, stove and/or washing machine installations.
  • Build walls. Once the basics of the structure are complete you will want to start building up and refining your basement. If you want the apartment to feel like a real apartment, you may want to make compartments to enclose the kitchen and bathroom by building extra walls. A studio-style, open space layout is also perfectly reasonable as well as stylish.
  • Refine, decorate, and make perfect! The remaining choices you must make will be functional but mostly decorative. Installing attractive and sensible flooring, finishing the walls and ceiling to your taste, and choosing light fixtures, etc. will be some of the things you will want to do at this point.

An empty, unfinished basement is an untapped resource with great potential to serve you in many different ways. If you have a common-sense budget for completing a basement finishing project, it’s time to unleash your vision for this part of your home! Fine Finish Construction has been serving Utah homes with the finest quality in construction for over 16 years. In addition to basement finishing, Fine Finish Construction specializes in Utah bathroom renovation projects, Utah kitchen remodel projects, family rooms and backyards.


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