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Making an unfinished basement into an apartment can offer a homeowner some big advantages. You can earn extra money if you choose to rent out the space, or your basement can be a viable option for an adult child who wants to live close to home but needs his own living quarters. Your new basement apartment will also increase the value of your home. If you are ready to finish your basement, check out the following list to get a basic overview of the steps you would need to take:

  • Investigate the laws. Make sure that your plans to finish your basement are in compliance with Salt Lake City and Utah laws. Educate yourself about the fire and building codes that apply to your locality and your house before beginning your Utah basement finishing plans. You also need to get a building permit.
  • Find a contractor. If all the really important aspects of finishing your basement have already been completed, maybe you can manage the rest on your own. But if you are starting from scratch, it is probably ideal for you to hire a contractor who has the expertise to guide the project from beginning to end. Do your research well and make sure your contractor is well-established and properly licensed.
  • Stabilize the structure. Before you do anything else in your basement, you have to make sure that the basic structure is stable and inhabitable. And if not, then you need to make the necessary changes first. Your checklist should include: making sure all fire code requirements are met; there‚Äôs enough ventilation; the basement is mold-free and water-proofed; the grounds, walls, and ceilings are strong and stable; the space has required windows, a proper entrance and an emergency exit; the ceiling is the right height; and all the plumbing and electrical work needed to live in the space are installed.
  • Construct walls. When you are sure the basement has been stabilized, you may want to consider constructing walls to make the kitchen and bathroom separate rooms. You can also consider an open-space style for your basement apartment.
  • Finish up! After the most important aspects of the basement are complete, you can now think more about the decorative aspect of basement finishing. Your choice of flooring, wall finish, ceiling finish, light fixtures etc. are some of the things you can focus on at this point.

An unfinished basement is a great opportunity for adding a valuable resource to your home. If you are ready to embark on the journey, and you have a proper budget set aside, go ahead and let your creativity soar. Fine Finish Construction would be happy to work with you to manifest your vision. Offering fine quality for over 16 years, Fine Finish Construction specializes in basement finishing, Utah bathroom renovation, family rooms, Utah kitchen remodel projects, and backyards.



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