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If you are going to remodel a room in your home, and you have plans to change the flooring, you are probably going through your options with grand visions of what you would like. Let your dreams take root, but also consider that along with style, you should consider functionality. The type of flooring that is best for your room is often dependent on the type of room it will be in. Here is a quick overview:

  • Kitchen Remodel. Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home. It takes a lot of wear as you and your family shuffle in and out, about and around preparing food, cooking, and family bonding. In addition to wear, your floor has to take the constant moisture of liquid and food spills, and oil splashes, etc. The floor you choose for your Utah kitchen remodel should be strong and durable, yet comfortable, and also easy to clean.
  • Bathroom Renovation. Your bathroom is just as busy as your kitchen, if not more. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom taking care of our hygiene. And the bigger your family, the busier the bathroom. In addition to durability, your Utah bathroom renovation will need to take moisture-resistance into consideration. The bathroom is, needless to say, a very wet place! Your floor will need to resist pools and splashes of water and sustain constant wiping and cleaning.
  • Family Room. Your family room is the place in the house where everyone convenes to relax. Depending on your type of family, this room could get frequent wear, but in most cases foot traffic is minimal compared to a kitchen or bathroom. You also don’t have the hazard of hot oil splashes, or water from the bathtub to be concerned about, although there might be the occasional food spill. You can be a bit more relaxed in your flooring options for a family room, and make your choice based on comfort and beauty.
  • Basement. Your basement is a different story. Basement finishers are often concerned about the livability of the basement and in terms of flooring, concerned about the water-resistance of the basement floor. How likely is it to flood after a storm? Even after waterproofing, moisture can still be a concern. Lack of ventilation can help contribute to moisture and mold-growth. The floor may also get cold easily. For your Utah basement finishing, your flooring should take these facts into consideration. Your floor should be relatively water-resistant and help your feet sustain warmth.

There are so many truly beautiful options for flooring, that you could really go wild with your choices. But being smart is also very important. Your home renovator should be happy to help you design your remodel.

Fine Finish Construction puts its customers first when it comes to doing a project. How well your vision can be accommodated and realized is key to our success. In addition to Utah Kitchen remodel projects, bathroom renovation, family rooms, and Utah basement finishing, we also specialize in designing and constructing backyard spaces.


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