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There are many advantages to finishing your basement. This new living space can be rented out for additional income, made into a home for a family member, or converted into a special space for you and your family to spend quality time. Once you’ve begun designing, you will quickly realize you have tons of options available to you.Soon you will get to the point where you will consider what to do with that hideous ceiling.

An unfinished basement ceiling is no sight for sore eyes. It can very easily diminish the look of any kind of room you are creating. The piping, hanging wires, insulation, and/or rough wooden beams will have a way of drawing the eyes upward. A suspended ceiling (“drop ceiling”) is a wonderful solution that comes with several advantages.

How it’s installed. A suspended ceiling is basically like a second ceiling. It is created with a lightweight metal frame that is literally suspended from supports installed into the unfinished ceiling. Tiles are then inserted into this frame, creating a surface of your choice while the rough unfinished ceiling disappears above it.

Allows access. One of the best advantages of a drop ceiling is that it allows easy access to pipes and wires, needed, for example, when appliances are being installed for the first time. Removing ceiling tiles to get to the desired area is relatively simple.

A variety of options.  Suspending ceilings offer a great range of stylistic options to select from. Tiles come in a variety of materials, textures, patterns and colors, so you can freely aim for something that will complement the rest of your design.

For more insights, feel free to speak to your Utah basement finishing contractor. Fine Finish Construction designers are happy to work with our clients from start to finish, making sure that all your concerns are properly addressed. In addition to basements, we specialize in Utah kitchen remodel projects, Utah bathroom renovation projects, family rooms and backyards.


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