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A branch of psychology called “color psychology” studies how colors affect people. Colors are seen as potential stimulators and relaxants. Many designers will point out that there’s more to color than meets the eye. Used carefully, colors can be used to help draw attention, invite calm and ease, or represent feelings of joy, happiness or excitement. Colors can be used to complement the purpose of a room in addition to harmonizing its design. Here are a few ideas to guide you as you are planning the designs for your home renovation.

Dark colors.

The first thing that may jump to your mind is that dark colors are associated with gloominess, but the key thing is how they are used. Dark colors, when used wisely, create very pleasing effects. Black, dark browns, eggplant, and burgundy can be very calming, since they are very non-stimulating colors. They are also great colors for a sophisticated or elegant design, and can be pleasantly accentuated with lighter colors that complement them.

Bold, rich colors

Vibrant greens, blues, reds, oranges. These colors have strong effects, and can draw attention and evoke powerful sensations. When used bold they should be used carefully, as too much can overload the senses. When used as accents, or mixed with complementing colors they can create stunning effects.

Pastels and earth tones

Both pastels and earth tones are known for evoking feelings of relaxation, happiness, and deep contentment. Pastels can be used to lift moods and with their very light colors can also be used to create a perception of space. Earth tones are soothing, embracing and receptive, and may be great colors to use in a room you desire to feel welcoming and cozy.


White has the effect of making everything feel brighter and lighter. It is a color that symbolizes purity and cleanliness and goes great with everything. White is also great for small spaces, as it helps to create the illusion of more space, by making things feel airier.

Fine Finish Construction is happy to work with you in choosing a color design for your home renovation. Your color palette will also take into consideration whether you are doing a Utah bathroom renovation, Utah kitchen remodel, bedroom or family room, and the kind of décor style you are going for. Your unique vision is our priority.


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