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The type of floors to put down in your home renovation project is one type of decision you need to make with great consideration.Floors are there for more than something beautiful to stand on. They have to function in various ways depending on the type of room they are serving. The type of floor you choose will change depending on a host of factors. The following are a few examples:

  • Kitchen Remodel.Your kitchen gets some of the heaviest wear in the house, and is a place where you spend a lot of time standing, walking around and going back and forth across the room (in cooking and food preparation). The kitchen also sustains a lot of food mess. If you are planning a Utah kitchen remodel, it will require a sturdy flooring that is easily cleaned, can endure plenty of wear, and is relatively comfortable to stand and walk on. A bathroom renovation would require slightly different considerations.
  • Bathroom Renovation. Like your kitchen, your bathroom gets a lot of wear – potentially more. In addition to wear, it also gets tons of moisture. The possibilities of bathtub or shower spills should be considered. A bathroom needs a floor that can take all the wetness and still retain its beauty and durability. And it needs a floor that can take a lot of cleaning.
  • Family Room. Your family room is an entirely different story. While it surely gets wear, it doesn’t get hardly as much as the kitchen or bathroom. The family room is where everyone comes to relax, so softer, more delicate flooring types are possible here. There are also not as many threats of spills or moisture, save for the occasional accident. In this room this is where your desire for beauty is allowed to outweigh your concern for function.
  • Basement. Your basement is a special case, and in any Utah basement finishing project, waterproofing the basement is a big requirement. Because of a basement’s position situated deep in the earth, many basements are easy to flood and/or receive little ventilation, causing condensation and the perfect environment for mold. There’s also cold drafts, and a chilly floor to worry about. Your basement floor has to be water-ready: it has to be able to live through a possible flood, or at least be easily replaced. It should also help sustain warmth in the room or resist the cold from under the earth.

Your choice of floors are so many, there are so many contemporary and beautiful materials available, but deciding what kind of floor to put down in your renovated rooms perhaps requires some insight from your home renovator. You should ask for guidance if you need it.

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