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Most people enjoy having a lot of space in their homes. Cluttered areas, and small rooms can feel claustrophobic and contribute to feelings of tension, irritability, or anxiety. If you are renovating your home and are looking for clever ways to add space, be sure to check out the following tips:

Brighten up with white, or light colors. White and colors that are light are reflecting colors while darker colors absorb light. This is what makes a light-colored room feel brighter and more airy, creating more openness and a feeling of more space. White or light paint could be used on walls, and in a Utah kitchen remodel, can be used for counter space and cabinet areas, since these are very dominant areas of your kitchen.

Bring in more light. If possible and if needed, consider installing more windows in your remodel. A good amount of light coming into a small or darkened area will make it feel airier. Windows provide direct access to outdoor views which has a way of bringing the expanse of the outdoors in.

Breaking down partitions. Your home remodel may be able to take advantage of available space by breaking down walls that hinder rather than enhance flow in the home. Removing walls can make two rooms come together as one larger room, or simply allow for more movement and easier access.

Be clever with color and pattern combinations. Discordant combinations of different colors and patterns can very easily make a room look heavy, or too busy, and make the space feel “tight.” Find the right color palette and complementary patterns that create harmony and that make the room feel expanded.

Storage options. Whether you are working on a Utah basement finishing project, a Utah kitchen remodel, or a Utah bathroom renovation, it will be important to think about the type of room you are creating in your effort to maximize space. Consider how the room will be used, and what kinds of items will be floating through the room on a regular basis. Then create sensible space-saving storage areas that will prevent disorganization, untidiness and clutter.

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