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Small rooms can feel claustrophobic especially if they are poorly designed or filled with furniture, or clutter. A small, cluttered room may also contribute to feelings of dis-ease, inability to concentrate, or irritability. Wider, more open rooms for many people just feel better, and help to facilitate clear thinking and creativity. If you are considering a home remodel and want certain areas of your home to feel more spacious, here are some ideas:

Use white or light colors to create the illusion of space. White or light colors can instantly brighten and lift the mood of a space, by reflecting more light than darker colors. Light colors also make a space feel more clear and open, giving the illusion of space. Paint walls in white or light colors, and continue the same trend with dominant areas like counters and cabinets for a Utah kitchen remodel.

Installing more windows. Windows tend to make rooms feel more spacious because they let natural light in and they immediately connect you to the expanse of the outdoors. If possible, consider installing more windows into the rooms you are remodeling.

Removing unnecessary walls. Many home or room designs incorporate partition walls that separate spaces. Sometimes these spaces are too small and closed off. Breaking down unnecessary walls, can make a room larger, or can connect two areas while still preserving some sense of privacy.

Combine colors and patterns smartly. Too many different kinds of colors and patterns can create a sense of confusion and discord in a room and make a room look too busy. Patterns that complement each other, and colors that cleverly work together can create a sense of harmony and comfort and affect a person’s perception of “space.”

Storage and organization. As you are designing your remodel, whether a kitchen remodel, or a Utah bathroom renovation, a family room, or another room in your home, consider what the space is most often used for and what kind of furniture and objects you will typically keep there. Plan smartly to keep the space as organized as possible. Choosing items that discourage clutter and provide storage areas is smart. Cluttered rooms are not only confusing but they tend to feel smaller. This is especially important in a room that is already small.

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