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Finishing your basement can bring many advantages including additional income from rent, more space in your home, or a special area for your family to spend special moments together. There are many options for finishing your basement, which depend on what you intend to use your basement for. At some point you will get to one of the biggest questions: what to do with the ceiling?

The sight of your unfinished basement ceiling, with its unsightly pipes, wiring, unrefined wooden beams or other naked construction material, can seriously hamper the look you are going for. Suspended ceilings, otherwise called “drop ceilings” offer a solution that offers many benefits.

How it’s done. A lightweight metal frame is installed just below the actual ceiling (it is suspended, or dropped from the unfinished ceiling, hence the name) and then ceiling tiles are fitted into the frame, creating a beautiful tiled surface that simply hides your unfinished ceiling.

Hiding unsightly ceiling without cutting off access.Drop ceilings are a great option for hiding all the electrical wiring and plumbing without preventing access to them. You can always remove tiles to access different areas for plumbing, electrical or other tasks.

Style options. Drop ceilings offer a variety of style options. You can get acoustic, metal, PVC or wooden tiles. Tiles also come in a variety of textures and finishes, raised patterns, and different colors.

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